What is the etymology of Rehhagel?

As in Otto Rehhagel a.k.a. Rehakles, the German coach who led the Greek National football tea, to victory in the Euro2004 cup.
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On german directory I have founs Rehagel (very, very rare)
On the german telephone dictionaries Rehaag, is not so rare, but still local.
Rehaag is coming probably from a name of a place.
No mention of Rehhagel on german directory.
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Perhaps the forrest called 'der Rehhagen' in Mecklenburg-Vorpom. Reh is a doe or deer, Hag in toponyms derives from mittelhochdeutsch hac: 'scrubbery, thornbushes'. I think Hagel (for Hagl) might be a simple diminutive of Hag.
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Thanks for the feedback, Sagani :)
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