Does anyone know when this name began being used as a last name?
My mother mentioned that when my great-grandparents came over from Hungary/Romania, their last name was changed. I can't really confirm this as my father and any older relatives on the paternal side have passed away.
Any information available would be appreciated!
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The use of Solomon goes way back to the biblical times of the wise Jewish King Shlomoh (

As a sidenote, the national poet of Greece -- he wrote the words of the Greek national anthem in the 1800s-- is Dionyssis Solomos, who signed as Salomon. Most Greeks today (including myself up to very recently) are under the false impression that his name was actually related to "salmo", the latin word for salmon :)
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Thanks for sharing that!
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Solomon belongs to many nationalities:

Italy (regional surname from Venice area)
and so on

More than 2,000 Solomon have arrrived in New York from 1890 up to 1920
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Thanks for sharing that with me!
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