The French surname Audoir(e).
I recently came across the French surname Audoire. I actually saw it as a first name on a woman, initially making me assume that it was an obscure French first name - but after doing some research, I learned that it was actually a surname. (So in the case of that woman, her parents apparently thought it was a good idea to use a surname for her first name.) It seems the surname is also sometimes seen in the spelling Audoir.I have no idea what it means, or even whether it is a patronymic or an occupational surname. The surname intrigues me, however, and I would be very grateful to whoever can shed more light on this surname: thank you in advance!Sincerely,Lucille :o)

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Audoir and Audoire are variants of Audouard which comes from the Germanic name Aldoward which is composed of ald 'old' and ward 'guardian'.
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Thank you, Marc! :D So it's a patronymic surname then - and a very interesting and pretty one at that. ;) I find it kind of a pity that Audoir(e) is no longer in use as a first name - I bet the last instances of it being used as a first name were probably somewhere in the Middle Ages. :(
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