My great-grandfather came from Sweden, and this was his last name. My grandmother says that it was mangled when he came to Ellis Island, but she can't remember the original spelling. Does anyone know what the original Swedish origins of this name might have been?We're all in the gutter, but some of us look at the stars.
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Linde is a bona fide Swedish names whose origin you'll find at There were many immigrants from Sweden who bore that name as you can see at If it was shortened from something like Lindelof or Lindeman, only genealogical research will tell you.
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Okay, thanks so much!
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This may not help you with the spelling, but as far as I know I've seen Linde and similar names (like Linda) to mean "soft/tender/delicate" with many origins. Maybe looking up the first name Linda on here may help you? /: Good luck!
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