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Re: Basque surnames
I suppose Inzuaguirre MAY consist of the words Inzu + Agirre. Inzu could then have the same meaning as the surname INZA:
'The surnames Inza, Ince, and Incera from Berastegui are from the same lineage and share the same coat of arms.
This surname comes from the word Ini (meaning junco or cat tail - the plant) and the suffix -tza (meaning abundant). So I can only guess that the original family home had a lot of cat tails growing nearby. According to another authority, the surname may also have been derived from Ince (meaning pasture).' The meaning of Agirre is not sure, perhaps 'the clearly visible (house)'. Agirre is one of the most common Basque surnames.
Iriarteurruti: Iri means 'group of houses' (today: 'town'), Arte means between, Urruti means 'the far (house)' i.e. removed from other houses. This conflicts somewhat with the first part I feel, but never mind.
Gurruchategui: Tegi means 'house'
I found this on It's a great website, maybe you better take a look yourself :D
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Gurrucha, Gurucha, Guruza means cross, so Gurruchategui means 'place of the cross'.
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