All of the following surnames are of italian (more specifically sicilian) origin. Can someone please help me find their meanings?: Masi (i believe may come from the word "mesi" meaning months), Davi (may come from the common slave name in Latin "Davus"), Acquaro (may be a place name or simply be related to water), caruso (a common italian name. i was surprised it was not already in the database...), Caso(???). Thanks for any help in advance.
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Masi: it is probably a variant of Maso, that is from the first name
of TOMMASO (Thomas).In Italian there are about 10 surnames
derived from Tommaso.
Davi: It is mainly sicilian, very local, its origin is for me
mysterious. There is also D'Avi but this surname is still rarer.

Acquaro: it should be a southern variant of Acquaioli. this surname
indicates probably a man who used to go around to sell
drinkable water.

Caruso: This surname in sicilian dialect means also 'boy'. It is very
popular around Italy also because of the opera singer. It
derives from a occupational word meaning 'apprentice'.

Caso: It is also a spanish surname.It is typical from the region of

Naples. I ignore its meaning. Could it be locative like Casa?
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