Angelo-Saxon to Italian forms
Does anybody know the deal with forms of Italian names that have angelo-Saxon root names? My last name is Mariotti and I was wondering what and if there is any relation between the two names. Thanks.
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Many italian have derived from old german names.

For instance:
Alberto (Albert) fas given surnames like: Alberti, Albertini o Berti.

Amerigo (german Amalrik), the first name of Amerigo VESPUCCI, the explorer from who the name America comes has derivation like Amerighi,

Enrico (Henry): Righi, Righetti, Ricotti

Riccardo (Richard): Riccardi, Cardi, Cardini

Latin first names:

Marino: has derivations like Marini, Marinelli

Martino (Martin) has Martini, in English Martin, and Martinelli

Maurizio (Maurice) has the italian form Maurizi and the English Morris.

Benedetto has english surnames like Bennet and italian variant like
Benedetti or Di Benedetto
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I would think that the connection would be common Germanic roots. After the fall of the Roman empire (and even before) many Germanic populations were beginning to move into the Italian peninsula, particularly in the north. And of course, real Anglo-Saxon names are Germanic in origin.

More often however, Latin roots have given rise to surnames in Northern Europe than the reverse ...
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