What is the meaning of the German surnames Noeldeke (Nöldecke) and Noeldechen? (I think they are variants.)
Noeldner and Noeldermann also exist. Do you know what they mean?
Thanks for your help.
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I have looked on the Dictionary of german surnames:
If I have well understood all these names come from the german first name Arnold, see also Nolde.
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That would make sense. The -eke ending would be a diminutive (as in Hoffke: little 'Hoff', Wiske: little 'Wiese')
I now think Nöldner (Noeldner) may be from the word 'Noldner', meaning maker of needles. Many German names ending in -ner are occupational.

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If I had to guess, I think it means "Christmas" something ...maybe cloth or clothes ...

Not sure of the other two ...they appear to have the 'Noel' as well, but I see "elder" there as well which may means senior, older, etc. ...
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