i want to know where kildare comes from and what it means. i'm not sure where my ancestors came from.
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I thought the same as Mr. Foglai, but we are apparently wrong.

The eminent Edward MacLysaght, writes in his "Surnames of Ireland":
"Kildare- This is never a toponymic. See Kilderry."

Following that instruction, we find:
"Kilderry or MacKilderry- A varient of MacElderry found in Co. Clare, where it has occasionally been corrupted to Kildare."

Now I will paraphrase liberally:
"MacElderry (possibly found as MacIlderry)- [Rev. Patrick] Woulfe gives Mac Giolla Dorcha as the Irish form, which is probably correct. (From the words: Mac= son of, Giolla= servant/devotee of, Dorcha= dark.) It is a well-known Tyrone name now numerous in Co. Antrim."
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Ah, an easy one for me ...Kildare is a county is Ireland's southeast province of Leinster. It's name is derived from Irish Cill-dara, the "church of the oak". According to legend, St. Brigid built her church under a very high oak tree.
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