English surname "Quixall"
This surname Quixall is an English surname probably originating from Yorkshire. Variants of Quixall are American surnames Quicksall, Quicksill, Quicksell and others. Does anybody know the meaning and origins of Quixall???
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A rare surname in England, and, seemingly, best represented in Yorkshire, as you point out. I think it is probably from a place name. There is a similar looking place name, Whixall, but that is in Shropshire. Q, W, and Wh are sometimes interchangeble in surnames, e.g., Wharmby and Quarmby, different versions of the same surname.
Whixall, Shropshire, has been explained as 'Hwittuc's nook of land', Hwittuc being a man's name.
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There's a Quixhill in Staffordshire which could possibly be the origin given that Quicksill was one of the numerous spellings of the name according to the information at http://quicksall.net/genealogy/Early%20History.htm.
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