Japanese Surnames starting with 'Hoshi'
I have been using an online English to Japanese dictionary the past few months, so not all information is accurate. I've been using it to find new and unusual Japanese names. As of now I been using it for surnames starting with 'Hoshi'. Right now I have a few I would like to [hopefully] contribute:Hoshimoto: 'Base of the stars' or 'Under the stars'Hoshiya: 'Star valley'Hoshino: 'Star field'Hoshiyama: 'Star mountain'Hoshikawa/Hoshigawa: 'Star river/creek'Hoshikuzu: 'Stardust'Hoshimura: 'Star village'And of course, Hoshi itself can be used as a surname.Hoshiko can be used as a surname as well.
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Hoshimiya (星宮 - star shrine) could be a surname?
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