Surname of Slesdet
Looking for the surname of Slesdet. My grandfather told me he was from Germany. I have been unable to locate any informaiton on this name. When he came to America in 1888 he changed the spelling to the present Slesdet. I have tried to search the name spelling it all differnent ways but have not had any luck. Maybe someone out there can give me a clue about the name and where to look for infromaiton on it.Thank you,
Dee at
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Apparently another form of Slested, and Schlested or Schliested, somehow the 'd' and 't' changed position. According to Google.
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Although someone on the sister board said, that wild guessings were not allowed, I'll try one (or two).All I can think of for the DET part is DIET, a short form of names like DIETMAR or DIETHELM.SLES probably was SCHLES originally. This reminds me of SLESINGER = SCHLESINGER > someone from Schlesien (Slesia in English?).I found two more possible roots:
SLET (T and S taken for interchangeable, which often works) = "sleet"
SCHLISS = "to wear out/off"But I have no idea what the connection could be between DIET and SLES in any of the meanings. DIET from SLESIA? But maybe someone else has a better idea.
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