Origin of the names
Both names of places in Scotland could there be any connection to Eadric or Edrich
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Origin of the names Etrick, Ettrick & Etteridge
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I think the simple answer is no.
The place-name Ettrick comes from a river name which, according to W.F.H. Nicolaisen, is pre-Indo-European. So it pre-dates the arrival of speakers of Celtic or Anglian languages in the area. In his own words, "Major river names like...Ettrick...have never been explained satisfactorily...".
Edric is Old English Eadric, meaning "prosperity-rule". There is an English surname Etteridge which is one of several which have developed from the old English name Aedelric, meaning "noble-rule". I don't think the Scots place-name is related to the English surname, or to Edric(h). I'm guessing it's of the same origin as Ettrick, but we'd have to know how old the place-name is to make an educated guess.
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