Subject: Re: English surname "Striggles"
Author: Charls   (guest)
Date: October 21, 2011 at 7:50 PM
Reply to: Re: English surname "Striggles" by Marc

If this surname Striggles of ultimately of German origin, than this surname is very unique. The name Striggles is probably extinct in the UK, and mostly all (perhaps 95%) of Striggles bearers in the US are African American. I haven't encounter any African American surname that is of German origin. Mostly it is of English, French, or Scottish origin. Perhaps there is of English origin of the surname Striggles?

And also, what about the surname Struggles? The only variants I could find are Striggles and Struggles. Later on I found the surname Struggs, also an African American surname. Most bearers of the surname Struggles are found in UK. I have doubts that the last name Struggles derived from German Streigel...

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