specific origin of surname....
Hi, my surname is Rinato. I think that it is Italian. If this is true, could anyone tell me more specifically where in Italy it originated, or if it originated in a different country entirely? I would really like to know as specific an origin as possible. Thanks.
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The Rinato immigrants to USA came from Southern Italy, mostly from CAMPANIA region: AVELLINO area and NAPLES.
At the moment this surname has completely desappeared from Campania and it is beared in Sicily, however it is very rare.See the italian sites:
www.paginebianche.it (tape the surname and Sicilia)
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Thank you for your help, Sagani. I really appreciate it. This was useful information.
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This looks like the Italian form of the first name Renatus, meaning "born again". It is a specifically "Christian" coinage, which did not exist in Ancient Rome, before Christianity took over.
According to tradition, St. Renatus was Bishop of Naples in the 4th/5th century. More likely Renatus of Sorrent was a 6th (?) cent. eremite, who was later venerated as bishop.
"Renati" is a term used in 1. Peter 1,23 in the Latin bible to denote the new quality of a life as a Christian.
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Thanks for the information, Andy. I appreciate it!
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