Subject: History and Origins
Author: Svombo / Swambo / Svombos   (guest)
Date: July 8, 2012 at 6:30 AM

Hi to anyone interested in the 'Svombo' surname :)

There is another thread about this surname, but it dates back to 2007 and has been archived.

I would like to apologise, now, for not responding to Jim Young, on that thread. I think that, because it was not my own, I was not automatically updated about posts, and I simply lost track of the discussion. Sorry!

Here is the first post for that thread: http://surnames.behindthename.com/bb/sur/2839035

I stated, then, that, with the help of a Greek lady with the same name, I had traced 'Svombo' to the Greek island of Hydra.

The 'Greek' name can be transcribed into English in a number of ways: Svombos, Svompos, Svobos, Svopos (female: Svombou, Svompou, Svobou, Svopou).

In English, I have seen it written in many ways. Eg: Svombo Swambo Suimbo Swanbo Svambo Swombo Suambo, Sombo

'Svombo' is very unusual, but 'Svobo' is not, and there are a number of similar ~ presumably related ~ names in Eastern Europe. One example is Svoboda, which means 'freedom', and which is particularly found in Czech families. The Serb equivalent seems to be 'Sloboda'.

On another board, a contributor indicated that this name Svombo would originally have been the Serb name Svoboda and that it may have arrived in Hydra with the Arvanite refugees. Certainly Serbia once covered a much larger area, and on Wikipedia I read: 'Many towns with historical Serb population derive their name from the early Middle Ages when Slavs ruled Albania'. So my Slavic -Greek surname could have come from Albania.

I'm still not sure about the Svoboda / Sloboda difference, but I am guessing that this could possibly be explained by local pronunciation??

Indeed, I have now discovered a family, with a very similar surname, who come from the Greek / Albania boarder.

So, it look as if our Svobo / Svombo ancestors may have been people of Serb origin, who settled in what became Albania, some of whom fled, with / as Arvanites, to Hydra.

Because of the pronunciation of our name, and the sailing background, it still seems likely that our ancestors were from Hydra, but there is always the possibility that they came directly from Albania / Epirus.

If anyone has anything to add, or any comments, they would be much appreciated :)

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