Subject: Re: The surname Diesel
Author: Charls   (Authenticated as Charls)
Date: July 27, 2012 at 8:13 PM
Reply to: Re: The surname Diesel by Getb

Hmm... You are right. There are many Filipinos who also inherited Spanish surnames... So that means that the Filipino surnames Dies and Diaz are perhaps of Spanish in origin and were brought here to the Philippines, in which they inherited. This perhaps also applies to Diesel, a surname that was brought over here to the Philippines. I also read that the Filipinos surnames could only be Filipino, Chinese, Muslim, or Spanish surnames, the most common ones.

I have never heard of German bosses or slave owners, and that the Spanish people were once slaves under Germans... and if that was true, that means the German surname Diesel was brought over to the Philippines, in which the Filipinos later inherited. Hmm... I try to dig in deeper...

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