Subject: Re: The surname Diesel
Author: Charls   (Authenticated as Charls)
Date: July 28, 2012 at 12:13 AM
Reply to: Re: The surname Diesel by Getb

Sorry, what I mean't to say was, "German Slaveowners who has slaves that are of Spanish origin." You said, ""Diesel" has not the sound of a Spanish name" and "German bosses/slave owners could have given their surnames to Filipino and Spanish people." meaning that German slaveowners who owned slaves that are Spanish or Native American transferred their German surname to their slaves or servants, the slaves or servant recieving the surname Diesel, and that there is no way Diesel is of Spanish origin, as you say. This means that there were perhaps 100s of Spanish people or Native American people enslaved or owned by many of German slaveowners, hence the saying, "Spanish people were once slaves under Germans", which I don't think that's true, or perhaps I'm missing out on history. But I wondered if there are any German slaveowners or German bosses that has Spanish or Native American servants? By the way, I am comming to think that the Diesel surname of South America is perhaps of German origin. I don't know why so many of them are living there, well, at least 200 Diesels are living in Brazil, and at least 1000 people in this world bears this surname. The one in the Philippines though, is a mystery. Of German origin? seems unlikely... but I'll look into it.

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