Italian surname Baffa
Do you have any info about the Italian surname Baffa?
I know for a fact that it is an Arbëreshë (Albanian-Italian) surname from Calabria, in Southern Italy, but I have no idea of what it comes from. Arbëreshë surnames usually originate from Albanian or Greek (in some cases there's probably a Slavic basis also) but I can't understand its origin.
Is it maybe from the Greek surname Bafas/Vafas? And what does Bafas/Vafas mean in this case? The whole thing is kind of complicated because Arbëreshë surnames can be found in Greece also, they're just called Arvinites, so such a surname might be Greek but still have another descent....
Well, I hope you can help me!
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You'll find a proposed Greco-Albanian origin for Baffa at
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Thank you very much! I found some more info about Paphos, the Greek city that website refers to, and I read that the modern name of this place is Baffa or Bafa indeed (maybe from Turkish Baf)....
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