unknown artist Illipoch
I have an oil painting signed very clearly by H Illipoch but do not know anything about the origin of the painting or the artist.
I cannot find any person or place named Illipoch online.The painting is marked "ii 13" so I suppose it was produced in Feb 1913, and based on the image of a sailing scene it appears to be Northern Europe.I am in N Ireland and it is not local.I've tried online search engines and any surname data bases I can find for names starting "Illi*" etc and/or ending "*och" but no real clues about Illipoch.
Can anyone more familiar with genealogy please help suggest where I could look next?Many thanks
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Have you considered the possibility that the name might be a pseudonym, perhaps a made-up word. I was thinking along the lines of an anagram, and looked for an Italian name like Pichillo, but without success.
Is there a label on the back of the painting bearing a dealer's or a gallery name? Something that might open up another line of enquiry.
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Addendum: turns out there is an Italian surname Pichillo, but a search for a painter (or pittore) of that name finds nothing. Also, a forename beginning with the letter H doesn't look Italian.
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Yes, I wonder if it's maybe an anagram / nickname or such like but the Italian idea doesn't match the landscape subject matter of the painting or the light quality (looks more like bright Scandinavian Springtime than Italian lakes)
Nothing useful on the back of the canvas. Good idea, pity.
Last point worth mentioning is that the letter p is a bit prominent. It does not seem to be a proper capital but is placed high up , (like an upside down lower case b but the tail is not "below the line" as usual). Deliberate rather than accidental. Is this a habbit in any particular county?
No space between the letter i and p so clearly reads as H. Illipoch but could be H. Illi Poch. Does that mean anything?
Surname Poch seems to exist.
Any other ideas.Bill
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Poch is a Catalan surname, found both sides of the Pyrenees. There is a rare surname, Illi, on record in France but of unknown origin.
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H. Illipoch seems to be the only person with that surname. Perhaps it was newly created, an English form of some foreign surname. The closest three syllable surname I came up with was Ilipek, but it is a rare variant of the Polish surname Filipek.Later, I found something very interesting. Illipoch perhaps maybe a variant of Lipoch, and I found 2 people with the last name Lipoch, from Facebook.
One of them was Lili Lipoch.Another theory is that perhaps the artist combined his/her first name with last name, from Lili Poch to Illipoch. Lili Poch I think is a females name, the first name "Lili" perhaps is shortened from Lilian, of Latin origin. The last name Poch is Spanish/Catalan. This means that Lili Poch could be from Spain, because of Latin first name and Spanish last name. I did find someone named Lili Poch.

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My name is Poch Lili and I am not an artist. I am from the Pacific, as such dont think the name is Spanish!
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