SEWINA Family Name
Sewina is a very rare family name of German and Polish origin. It is found in Silesia a mixed province that was once part of the Habsburg Empire, then the Prussian, and is now part of Poland. Sewina is not a German name like Mueller, Meyer or Schmidt. It is extremely rare. There has been an educated guess that it is connect with a particular trade or occupation. In a slavic root, it could be compared with 'Swinia' or 'Swiniak' 'Svynya' in Ukranian all relating to the word pig, or pig farming. This remains speculation. Peasants carrying the Sewina name were small land holders known as gardeners. Having a few animals and raising local produce. Sewina is found alongside names such as Nowak, Hojenski, Giernoth, Pannek, Kopka etc. All are from the region around Reichtal (today Rychtal) close to Namslau (today Namyslow). It is south east of Breslau (Wroclaw). Sewina shows up in Bohemia and in a rare case in Hungary. The oldest known written record is for Jakob Sewina born around 1620 in Kreuzendorf (Krzyznowiki); a village in eastern silesia. It has been speculated that it might have Italian roots such as 'Servina' or 'Sevena'. Any hints or suggestions? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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