Need Last Names for Characters for My Story
Hi, I don't usually come here much, but tonight, I am here to request surnames for some of my characters, notably for a family, consisting of the following members:Vesta (grandmother)
Vivian (daughter)
Allen (son)
Russell (son)
Heidi (daughter-in-law)
Corinna (granddaughter)
Scott (grandson)
Rebecca (granddaughter)They raise winged horses (yes, it's a fantasy story)Other characters that need surnames:Sally Bess
Jonathan I'd appreciate the help. :)
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I'm not so sure what you're specifically looking for. Because it is a fantasy story, do you want real or fictional surnames? and if real, which do you perfer? English, Scottish, Spanish, Italian, French, German etc? rare, common, unique surnames? From the looks of it, the family seems of Latin and English heritage. Vesta and Vivian are Latin names, so perhaps a rare/unique Latin&English mixture of a surname. Here are some cool surnames I've found.Vesta Vallerine
Vesta Valliant (or Valiant, Valiante, Valliante)
Vesta Prideaux
Vesta Cornelius
Vesta Corales (Spanish)
Vesta Auroraand for the other charactersSally Bess Whistleton, Sally Bess Wigglesworth, Sally Bess Willsworth (or Willingsworth)
Deirdre (Irish) Sherry (or McSherry), Deirdre Flannery, Deirdre Gallion, Deirdre Fair
Lily Rose, Lily Redd, Lily Glym, Lily Flute
Pansy Violet (or Violette), Pansy Botherham
Daisy White, Daisy Garden
Jonathan Levison, Jonathan Wadsworth, Jonathan Templeton (??? Jonathan is too broad, any surname can fit)I hope this helps
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