I'm just curious, what does it mean? I have it written in both Belarusian and Russian here:Арлоўская
АрловскаяI only know that it is of Slavic origin.
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First: these forms of the name are feminine. The form for a man would be Arlovsky, Arlowski (Polish), or similar.
There is a Bielorussian surname, Арлоўскі. I don't know the meaning, but it could be from a place name. One possibility is that it's a version of the Polish surname Orłowski. which is probably from a place name such as Orłów. Belarus was once part of the Polish Commonwealth, ruled over by the Kings of Poland. As a result there are names in common in the two nations. I've also noticed a tendency for the letter A to be in words where there might be a letter O in other Slavic languages. An example is that A in the name of the country, Belarus.
I hope this isn't too confusing.
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It's not too confusing. I've done research on Slavic names solely because of this, but I never thought that I should've posted the masculine form as well. I didn't think back to the Commonwealth, and that was a silly mistake of mine. I'll try and search up Orłów later. Perhaps you are correct! Anyway, thank you. This has been quite helpful.
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