LULA surname
Does anyone know the ethnic background of this name? My ancestors came from Southeastern Poland in the late 1800's and know nothing more than that.
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It's been one difficult search, but I finally found a good explanation posted on this ancestry forum:"LULA: The noun “lula” once meant a baby’s cradle, whilst the verb “lulać” means to rock a baby to sleep. The refrain “luli-luli-laj” is found in many Polish lullabyes. The now archaic term “luleja” was once used to indicate a slowpoke or dawdler. “Lula” also once meant a smoking pipe, especially its diminutive form “lulka”. Also, there are localities in Poland named Lulin and Lulinek (both in westeern Poland’s Wielkopolska region) which also could have generated the Lula nickname or something similar."
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"Lula" is also found in the Bulgarian and Serbo-Croatian form лула, meaning, "tobacco pipe". Perhaps the surname Lula denoted someone who made pipes, or tubes, meaning a pipe maker. Lula is also Turkish, in the form of lüle, and Persian. surname I've found is Lulo, also found in Southeastern Poland, perhaps a variant. Lulo is much rarer though.

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