Meaning and ethnic history of the name "Elam"...
B"H (Baruch HaShem) Blessed is G-d.
I am Omer Scott Elam, a Hebrew American and I would like to explain my name.
Elam means: Hidden; grandson of Noah, and also for ever.
It also means young boy or virgin boy.
The female virsion is "Alma" which means the same things in the feminine.
Elam is most definitely "Hebrew" in origin. It may be found in England as well as semitic countries; the Baltics, Poland and especially Israel. Using the word as a name or a discription depends on specific verbage needed for the message/purpose intended.
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Elam is also a minor place name of West Yorkshire in England. This is the source of a surname, usually spelt Ellam today. It is possible that the spelling Elam still exists in a few instances.
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Hi Jim:
Yes, the name Elam is quite familiar to those from "Elam Grange" of Yorkshire, England. However, the sir name is also scattered thinly throughout England. This is due to the fact that "Elam" is a cognate within the English language as well as being a place name there. The name also came to England through migrations. First, after the fall of Elam the country. Elamite refuges fled after the Syrians sacked their capital. They carried the name through Turkey into the Baltics and on to Poland where many of their descendants still live today. 2d, When the Romans destroyed our temple, many Judeans and Palestinians fled across the pond to Europe.Elam the country was in what is most of Southwestern Iran today. Some scholars believe the nation was founded by none other that "Elam" the grandson of Noah.
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