Meaning or derivation?
My Player origins are in Somerset England, which with much assistance I have traced my Player line back to the 1700. I have seen the surname in on-line records listed for the first time C1580.
It is not a common surname and I don't beleive it is Patronynic or topographical. It has been suggested to me it is occupational, ie. being a player or actor. I am sceptical of this. If the seed of the surname was occupational it would seem to me that a player of music might be more likely.
I have infrequently seen Plyer in print also and would consider it a mis-spelling except that Plyer Hill exists in Somerset on a 19th century Ordinance Map.
Could it be a word evolved from middle English?
I am hoping that fresh eyes or ideas might prove helpful. Suggestions or further info is extremely welcome.
Many thanks!
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The origin proposed in the Dictionary of American Family Names can be found at A similar etymology is given at
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Reaney and Wilson, "English Surnames", have a William le Pleyer in Hertfordshire, 1296.
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