musham family
Hi Kenneth. While browsing the internet I came across your name. Correct me
if I am wrong but did you start life living in BRAILSFORD RD. TULSE HILL if so
I would be your cousin. I also lived at that address together with my sister
Eileen,brother David,father Frederick,mother Doris. Maybe you can confirm.
I may have some information regarding the family tree.
Regards Michael Musham
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Hi Michael, I visited my brother Ken today and found that you had contacted him. I am Irene born at 64 Brailsford Road. As Ken will agree neither of us remember having any other relatives than our Nan Lilian Musham,Grandfather William Bailey,my Godmother Lilian and her daughter whose name I think was Linda but I may be mistaken.
It has come as a complete surprise to find we have a cousin especially one that seems to have known our early life which neither of us can remember much about, our mother did not want to discuss this period of our life once she had remarried. I would love to find out more about our family especially someone who would have met our Dad and might remember anything about him.I will leave it here and wait to hear from you.
p.s. I did attempt to research our family from the 1901 census and had got Constance and John Musham and back to William and Rebekah in Scarborough and would love to hear if I researched it correctly and what you know.
Regards Irene
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Hi MichaelI think I may be related - not sure if the same Kenneth B Musham.
I am 55 now - born in Brixton - and thought I would take a look into my family who I never knew really. Priscilla Todd (married William Musham) was my mother. Mu email address is
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