Last name for a character
I need the last name for a character I'm writing. One can find the description on the Writing Board on Behind the Name. I'm thinking maybe something sort of blend-into-the-background, but not sure. Some more stuff- he's tall, thinnish, eats a lot, plain brown hair, lots of freckles, and a little of a stutter with people he doesn't know. He's from a long line of Hunters, but none of them are really prestigious. He wants to hang out with people who understand him, who don't interrupt him, and who treat him like a normal person, even though he has the Sight. Thanks for suggestions, but I'd like your reason for choosing it and a little description. Thank you!
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I adore choosing names for characters, and this one sounds rather wonderful :3
Maybe tell me his first name?
Right. Here are my suggestions:Chase - It's a pretty obvious one, I thought it had a nice ring to it, and it does blend pretty well? I feel it's appropriate for some reason, if he's feeling paranoid, or he feels lonely.. IDK, It is an occupational name for a hunter.Ellis - I quite liked this one, it comes from the name Elijah; who is in the bible, basically it all comes down to him being "carried to heaven in a chariot of fire"
I just thought that was fabulous.Hume/Holme - kind of quirky. "Refers either to someone living by an island in a fen (from northern Middle English holm) or near a holly tree (Middle English holm)." Hume is just a variant of Holme. It felt homely (see what I did there)I probably atrocious at explaining things, but here you go ^-^
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Thanks, Zahrah!
His first name is Isaac. As in, 'he laughs,' so, like, laughter.
I'm going with Isaac Chase. It just sounds great to me.
Thanks again!
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