I'm looking for the meaning of the name Saura. It's Spanish, but I'm afraid I don't know much else. I'm looking in to this because of the painter Antonio Saura.


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The consensus is that this name is Catalan in origin, but the meaning is not known for certain. One suggestion is that it is a female given name, therefore deriving from a female ancestor. I've never heard of anyone with Saura as a given name, and if it is, no meaning is given.
I would add that Jean Tosti's online dictionary of French surnames lists a Pyrenean surname, Saure, which he explains as being from the Occitan word saurra, 'sand'. In my inexpert opinion Occitan and Catalan are two dialects of the same language. The Catalan word for sand is arena, though there is another word, Sorra.
I note that Antonio Saura is from the Pyrenean region, though not from Catalonia.
Just some thoughts, no firm conclusion.
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Thank you for that!I think your explanation is very plausible, especially considering Saure.I also found out that in (Ancient) Greek σαυρα means 'lizard'. But I'm assuming myself this is more of a coincidence, rather than an explanation for the surname..
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