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Subject: What is the origin, meaning and history of Madrilejos?
Author: Janhendricks8   (guest)
Date: June 9, 2013 at 11:55:51 AM
Hello C: ,To start with, Madrilejos has other variations such:Madrelejos,Madridejos,and Madrigalejos, to name the few. And based on my researches, it says that Madrilejos was a village in Spain, but when I looked it up on Google earth, it didn't show a place name Madrilejos in Spain, but Madridejos, which is a town, and only one letter difference which is D-dejos instead of L-lejos. So maybe Madrilejos village was destroyed during a war or some revolutionary event that happened and left by its citizens in which probably was a clan of Madrilejos, since it was a village. And currently now its majority populations are in the Philippines, and some in the United States. And on one of my researches I found a family church record online, showing a Madrilejos family record in Spain, and according to the record it is dating back starting of the 15th century. And they probably moved to the Philippines since Philippines was part of Spain for 400 years. And I also found digital text books that shows Madrilejos village, one of the title is ''El Pleito Que Puso Al Diablo El Cura de Madrilejos'' and ''History of the War in the Peninsula and in the South of France'', So I was wondering if they just misspelled Madridejos to Madrilejos, but I'm not really sure cause a lot of text has the Madrilejos not MadriDEjos. And I really would like to know the additional origin information on where it really came from, and an additional history, and its meaning. I will very appreciate every bit of information. Thank You Vey Much. C:

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