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Subject: Re: Cantu origins in Mexico
Author: Giacomo Ganza   (guest)
Date: August 10, 2013 at 9:09 AM
Reply to: Cantu origins in Mexico by Juan Cantu

This request is interesting because in Europe we hano no precise idea about the origin othe the mexican Cantu. I am Italian, in Lombardy we consider Cantu a possible variant of Cantù, which is a Lombard surname coming form the town of Cantù, near COMO the city that gives the name to lake Como. This is what says a mexican author. But in fact it is not so sure
Other authors say that Cantu comes from a basque surname.

In Lombardy Cantù is a very local surname, Instead Cantu are a large number of people i Mexico or Usa.

The spelling of Joseph... Juseppe makes me suspicious: It could be a wrong spelling o Giuseppe.

Bye for now Giacomo Ganza living at Sondrio By Milano

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