Origin, History, and meaning of my last name: Mauleon
My mother and father came from Puerto Rico. My father's last name is Mauleon, but I found out that its a French, Spanish name.
In Spain, there is a place called: Mauleon, in the "Basque Country" I think this is where the name came from, but, who's name was it, for a "Town" in a "Country" to be named after someone (if this is the case) that someone would have to be A Hero, Dignitary,? A Musicians?, somebody with status.
I dont know where else to look for the: origin, meaning, and history of my last name.
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Mauléon is a French surname which comes from places so named in the southwestern part of France. The name literally means 'bad lion' where 'lion' refers to rock formations that look like that.
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The surname comes from the place name, the place name does not come from the surname.
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