Seeking information on surname Francomacaro
Family is from Naples, Italy and immigrated to US in late 1800's to early 1900's. Landed in NY and then to Netcong, NJ. Very interested in background of name for a research project.
Thank you!
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This is a rare surname and it appears to have escaped the attention of the experts. Franco on it's own is a male given name meaning 'free'. But it could also just signify a freeman, as opposed to a serf tied to a particular master.
Macaro looks like it could be a variant of another male given name, Macario. So - just speculating - it might have identified someone called Macario who was a freeman. Or it might be two forenames combined, as is the surname Marcantonio.
Macario is from the Greek Makarios, meaning 'blessed'.Nothing certain, just food for thought.
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