surname of my mother
Hi, I'm looking for the jewish name of my mother which is dead since 2003. Anyone in our very small family can help me , so we found a name in the ketouba of my parents : MAROL (meme, reche, vav, lamed)We don't kwow if this name is pronouncing like that and also if it exists. My mother have turc's origines on her father side, and aschkenaze from belarusse on her mother side. It will be great if you can help us.
Sorry for my poor english Yardena
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No success in finding Marol as a Hebrew or a Turkish dictionary word. I've found no examples on the net of Marol as a female given name.
Just a thought; Margalit is a Jewish female name, from the Greek for "pearl". I wonder if Marol might have developed as a familiar or a dialect form.
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