Many surnames in Western Europe originally came from Roman Italy. Other versions of this surname are: in Portugal - Freixo, Scotland - Fraser/ Frazer/ Frasier, and I think in France: Fraselier. This process continues today i.e. Cadaya (from the Basque country) became Cadahia in Lugo, Spain; later became Codyre (in Ireland); transforming to Codyer in U.S.A. This process of the same name changing as people move from country to country over time is technically called "corruption." Although I don't think that's a suitable term to describe this interesting process.
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I would take issue with your connecting the Scottish Fraser with those other surnames. However like you I find the subject of the adaption of names from one language to another interesting. This can also happen to surnames that have not crossed borders, for example all the Irish surnames that were changed under the influence, sometimes coercion, of English rule.
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