Subject: i want to know olympic athlete's surname
Author: k-boy   (guest)
Date: February 18, 2015 at 12:12 AM

i want know these surname
Zátopek, Louganis, and Théato.
these athletes are famous for the olympic games,
so i had surfed any surname meaning sites
for search these surnames,
But I didn't get the correct answer.

Emil Zátopek, from the Czechoslovakia.
who was got the gold medal at the
1948~1954 for the marathon.

Michel Théato, from the luxembourg.
who was got the gold medal at the 1900.
(And I was confused that what is Théato's origin,
Luxemburgian variant or original french)

and last,
Greg Louganis, greek-american,
who was got the gold medal at the 1988 for swimming,
and i want to know what his adopted surname 'louganis' means.

If somebody know
the meaning of these surnames,
please respond it.

sorry for my poor english.. :->

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