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Subject: what is czech surname ZÁTOPEK's meaning?
Author: k-boy   (guest)
Date: March 7, 2015 at 4:40 AM

I'm SOOOO curious that
czech surname 'Zátopek', 's meaning
that was surname's Emil Zátopek,
Czechoslovak long-distance olympic runner and won a gold medal.

I found this czech wiki and that located in the
'Odvozená z lidských vlastností;
that means 'Derived from human traits'.

but i don't know why 'Zátopek' is
relevant for human traits.

and once i saw the meaning that derived
word zatopit, but i think it's not sure
because that means "flood, make a fire, overrun",
so that doesn't concerned human trait.

if you know the meaning of 'Zátopek',
please answer and leave the link of site
that you find the meaning.


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