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Subject: surname MIZYK/MIZUIK's real meaning
Author: k-boy   (guest)
Date: March 26, 2015 at 1:36 AM

There is a surname MIZYK and MIZUIK
and i think these surnames origins are
probably from slavic countries and
i want to know the REAL MEANING
of these surnames.

SO, I have a guess on these surnames;

MIZYK is Most prevelant in Ukraine,
and i think is probably derived from or similar to
polish surname Miżyk,
that derived from word miziać, mizać
means "'Caress, fondle".
or another polish surname MEZYK,
that derived from word mąż,
means "man, brave of man, noble, spouse".

MIZUIK is Most prevelant in Canada,
and i think this is similar to
russian surname MIZYUK(Мизюк)
derived from word mizyurit(мизюрить); means "to squint to see badly,
to be weak-sighted, to emit a faint light".
or mizya(Мизя); means "little finger",
or surname MIZYK That i explained previous sentences.

but i think that these suppose are not sure.

Do you KNOW these surname's
real meaning and leave the link that you found?

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