Subject: do you know the surname 'AERIA's meaning?
Author: k-boy   (guest)
Date: March 30, 2015 at 1:03 AM

I'm so sorry that i gave a question for you
that can be misunderstood as a demand.

i just want to know the
meaning of surname 'AERIA'
that usage is Penang Eurasian.
(and i found that surname is
Most prevelant in Malaysia and
Highest density in Singapore)
so I had a favor to ask for you.

and i want to find this surname's meaning
and i surfed any name meaning sites,
but i couldn't found the meaning because
i didn't know how to find it in any language site.
So that why I urgently want your answer.

do you know the meaning of
surname 'AERIA'
and gave a answer, Please?

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