What is the meaning of my surname?
I've tried searching everywhere for the origin of my surname but all I got is that it's spanish.
I have absolutely no idea what it means.
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Manansala is not Spanish but Filipino as you can see at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filipino_name#Autochthonous_surnames. To find the origin, you'd first have to know what language it comes from.
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Manansala comes from the word "sansala." It is a compound of the prefix "man-" with "sansala" with the initial "s" of the latter word becoming silent in pronunciation.Sansala means generally "interdiction; injunction; prohibition." The prefix man- indicates someone who performs something, thus, Manansala would mean "one who interdicts, prohibits, forbids, vetoes, etc."
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MArc, Can you find out what the meaning of my name ( which is quickly dying)
Reminiec & if it's Russian or not....
( also could you find the original spelling or either reminietz or reminkov..?)
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