Surname for these characters?
Does anyone know any good surnames that goes with this family? Preferably of Scottish origin but anything as long as it flows. I'm avoiding any overly common and generic surnames as much as possible. Nothing you hear everyday. The family is caucassion (strong Scottish and or English background with possible French)SIBLINGS:
♂Dominic "Nick" (5 kids; Heather. Nolan. Desmond. Elena & Josh)
♀Jacqueline (1 child; Cole but he takes his fathers surname)
♂Alexander "Alex" (No children. Him and his wife are unable to conceive a child. He lives with his brother and helps out with his kids)Grandparents: Bram & MarySo to sum up, I need the same surname for Dominic, Jacqueline, Alexander, Bram & Mary and Dominic's kidsJust suggest as many as you can think of. I have tried the surname site but I honestly just need "interactive suggestions"
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The trouble with using unusual surnames in fiction is that they're real, and they belong to very specific people. I guess it isn't a big deal though.All the names I can think of off the top of my head, are common. You could browse this list:
There are some unusual surnames there, that don't sound too strange and would flow, such as Whitelaw and Fairlie.

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Thank you! I'll take the time later to look through it, pick out my favorites (the ones that stand out to me) and begin to narrow down a list.
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Well, my family (Scottish) are Bolland, but I have literally no idea where it comes from so it could be a bad plan.
Some other names in the family that could be Scottish, though I haven't looked them up (people cousins married, so on):Quick
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