the Pearl name is very uncommon in Indiana Kentucky
my grandfather was very quite about his family and never talked of his jewish heritage he told my grandmother to never tell he was a jew she spoke to me of this about 10years before she passed she asked for me to never tell
he had been passed in 1961 give or take a year
my mother did not even know or her kept this in my heart and when gram died I told rest family little that I knew my aunt knew grampa told her before he passed and later gram and her talked he came from a large family
they all look like some jews I hav met through years
whats realy interesting to me my grandmother was Cherokee indian and ver much beautiful long dark hair
she grew up on banks of missisippi and the a creek that came off the river creek of evansville
I want to know more history so much I hope to maybe find more on the name
thank you sue lynn j
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