i'm so curious of
meaning of these three surnames that
People associated with the Olympic Games.MUSSABINI, MOUSSAMBANI, and MALONGA.First, MUSSABINI was
surname of coach 'Sam Mussabini'
who coached athlete 'Harold Abrahams' and
helped to get the gold medal at
1924 olympic games.
(I found he's ancesty is arabic (probably)
so i thought he's surname's origin is arabic,
but i think it's not sure)and MOUSSAMBANI and MALONGA was
based of full name of
who was from Equatorial Guinea, and
he won of 100m freestyle swimming games
at 2000 summer olympics.
(and he's contury use spanish and french,
but i think he's two surname is
different of them, so i thought these
surnames are based of arabic of other
african language....)is someone know these
three surname's meaning and
respond this question, please?(sorry for my poor
english Writing skills...)
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