Sorry for wrote down too much sentences at May 8,
but i want to know the meaning of those surnames,
so, i choose the one surname
that most want to know. MUSSABINI.MUSSABINI is surname of
Olympic games athlete coach,
'Sam Mussabini',
and he coached 'harold abrahams',
for helped to got a gold medal
for 100m marathon
at 1924 Paris Olympic games.and i was supposed 'MUSSABINI's
surname's origin is ITALIAN or ARABIC,because that's had a
diminutive SUFFIX 'i',
and that suffix useITALIAN (EX. Balducci ;descent from Baldo) and
ARABIC.(EX. Hosseini ;descent from Husain)
does anybody know what 'MUSSABINI's
real origin and meaning?
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