does anybody know ASHRAFUL(আশরাফুল)'s meaning? (Modified)
Hello,I thought you didn't understand
that i questioned last time,
so i modified this question and post up again.once, i found surname
and this surname's
origin is BANGLADESH, and
that country use BENGALI i tried to find
this surname's meaning
by they own language's website
as i found the european surname's meaning,but i coundn't found the meaning
because i couldn't understand
Bengali words.and i guess this surname is
maybe had a suffix '-aful'....
(almost my guess...)does anybody know this surname
ASHRAFUL's meaning
and response this question, please?
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According to my dad it means The great since my name is ashraful
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This is half of a male given name. The language is Arabic. The original would have been something like Ashraful Din, "honour of the faith", or Ashraful Islam, "honour of Islam". Ashraf and ul (or al)are separate words in Arabic. This, if it is a surname, is unusual as it is usual for the second part of the name to be treated as a surname. In Pakistan this name might be written as Ashraf Uddin and Uddin would be treated as a surname.
I'm not sure that these 'surnames' are hereditary, like European surnames. They are Islamic names of Arabic origin, but have taken forms that only people without a knowledge of the Arabic language would adopt.
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