do you know ZAMPERINI's real meaning?hello everyone,i want to help for find
this surname's meaning; once i found the surname
that looks like ITALIAN...
is i want to know this surname's meaning...AND i knew this surname in
the movie 'UNBROKEN''s main character
Louis Zamperini(1917-2014).
who was prisoner of war survivor in World War II,
and 1936 Olympic distance runner.maybe, i think this is similar to
same italian surname 'GIAMPIETRO',because first 'GIAM' can
change 'ZAM',and 'PIETRO' changes 'PERO'
and that can change
'PERINO' and 'PERINI'so 'ZAM' and 'PERINI' combined,
and that can be 'ZAMPERINI'...... it is true?does anybody know 'ZAMPERINI'S
real meaning and respond this question, please?
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It comes from Zampero, Zamperini is a diminutive. "ini" is a suffixe. the old surname is a regional combination of Zane and perino stands for Peter.
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