LOUKANIS and LOUGANIS 's origin and meaning
i found these two surnames
looks like GREEK;
and i'm looking for these two surnames's
real ORIGIN and MEANING...first, i found LOUKANIS,
i think this surname's
origin is GREEK, because
this surname had a
greek alphabet 'Λουκάνης'.
and, LOUGANIS is
surname of 'Greg Louganis(1960~)',
who was won for a gold medal
at 1988 olympic games by swimming.and he was adopted by a
GREEK family with this surname.
(so, even i want to know this surname's
greek alphabet form..)
does anybody know these two
surname's real origin and meaning?
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Λουκάνης means 'sausage' in Greek as you can see at tinyurl.com/nex6pps so it could be the nickname of a butcher or sausage maker. Louganis is written Λουγκάνης which could simply be a variant.
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