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I would like feedback on my name for employment purposes as an Graduate Accountant; for coporate employers-Joshua Chhay
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I think its a good name. Joshua is likeable and Josh is even more so. I don't think you will have trouble with this name being visually employable.
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Honestly no clue what Chhay means or where it's from, but it's okay. Joshua (or Josh) is a pretty good name. If you use Josh, it's friendly and personal. Example: "Hey, how's it going, Josh?" "Pretty good, man. Things alright for you?" And if you use Joshua, it's stronger and more adult than Josh. In summary: Your name's fine. It could be worse.
EDIT: Found out Chhay's an Asian name. Cool cool. I think any self-respecting employer will be fine with employing you. Based on your name, that is.

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