Add Your Surnames!
I was wondering if people would like to add to the behind the surname database by adding your, your friends, your coworkers, etc surnames?
You don't have to worry about the origins, as I and others are editors and can add the information. The surname database is, simply speaking, limited. It would be nice to grow it.
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HumphreySurname HUMPHREYSOURCE: Given Name
USAGE: EnglishMeaning & HistoryDerived from the given name Humphrey.

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CorkerySurname CORKERYSOURCE: Given Name
USAGE: IrishMeaning & HistoryFrom Gaelic Ó Corcra meaning "descendant of Corcra". Corcra is a given name derived from the Gaelic word corcair "purple" (ultimately cognate with Latin purpur).

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GriffithSurname GRIFFITHSOURCE: Given Name
USAGE: WelshMeaning & HistoryDerived from the Welsh given name Gruffudd.

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Rauchle...For the surname, RAUCHLE, I don't know its actual language of origin. The form wouldn't allow me to leave it blank/unknown, so French was my best guess.

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Dawley...The D'Awley (Anglo-French) etymology submission is related to the surname HAWLEY, but I'm unable to make that edit.

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There are Ganza of different nationalities in Europe. In Africa Ganza is a masculine first name. The spelling is the same. but the pronounciation could change according to the different language .
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