German heritage
Hi I was born in Germany but I have no information on my heritage. I have tried to search on my father's surname but have come up blank. As both parent's area decreased and they never spoke about their parents. His name was8Heinz Karl Marx Gercke he was born on the 11 August 1925. Place unknown all i know is in Germany. My mother's name was Leona Gercke nee: Siewert. I was born in Oberhausen on 21 Dec 1957. We migrated to Australia in 1959Is anyone able to assist. RegardsGaby
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Hey there, Gaby! I hope you're doing well and I hope that you'll see this at some point.I was able to find a passenger registry of a Heinz Gercke from Germany to Australia between 1897 and 1963. Unfortunately, requires a payment to see the list, but they do offer a free trial you could use to see it. You can follow this link to see what I found ( on, I found phone registries for Heinz Gercke in Berlin and Hamburg, but these I'm less sure could be your father. ( Gercke Australian voting
Heinz Gercke Australian voting
Sorry, but I really couldn't find anything else. The origin of the Gercke surname is Hamburg if it helps at all.
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